Accounting services involve monthly accounting processing including bill paying, general ledger processing, preparation of monthly interim financial statements, and management reports. These services can also include payroll tax services and other miscellaneous consulting that may be required.

Our auditing services consist of audits of commercial entities, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. As part of an audit we will perform planning, risk assessment and evaluation of internal controls, fieldwork and reporting. We utilize industry audit tools to promote efficiency and compliance with auditing standards. During the audit we will communicate regularly with management and those charged with governance.

Our firm also conducts compilation and review engagements.

Darilek, Butler & Associates, PLLC provides tax planning and tax return preparation in a wide range of tax services. We have experience in dealing with reorganization and structure of entities, tax restructuring of joint venture arrangements, unrelated business income tax matters, information reporting requirements, employee benefit plans, and various not-for-profit tax services. We have experienced tax personnel and resources to represent you in any tax matters that may arise.

Our firm assist clients in planning the information needs of their organizations including budgeting, forecasting, and projecting the organization's financial condition. We also perform other consulting services as requested.